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yarn workspaces list

List all available workspaces.


$ yarn workspaces list


This command will print the list of all workspaces in the project.

  • If --since is set, Yarn will only list workspaces that have been modified since the specified ref. By default Yarn will use the refs specified by the changesetBaseRefs configuration option.

  • If -R,--recursive is set, Yarn will find workspaces to run the command on by recursively evaluating dependencies and devDependencies fields, instead of looking at the workspaces fields.

  • If --no-private is set, Yarn will not list any workspaces that have the private field set to true.

  • If both the -v,--verbose and --json options are set, Yarn will also return the cross-dependencies between each workspaces (useful when you wish to automatically generate Buck / Bazel rules).




Only include workspaces that have been changed since the specified ref.


Find packages via dependencies/devDependencies instead of using the workspaces field


Exclude workspaces that have the private field set to true


Also return the cross-dependencies between workspaces


Format the output as an NDJSON stream