Important: This documentation covers Yarn 2. For the 1.x doc, check
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yarn set version

Lock the Yarn version used by the project.


$> yarn set version <version>


Download the latest release from the Yarn repository :

yarn set version latest

Download a specific Yarn 2 build :

yarn set version 2.0.0-rc.30

Switch back to a specific Yarn 1 release :

yarn set version 1.22.1


This command will download a specific release of Yarn directly from the Yarn GitHub repository, will store it inside your project, and will change the yarnPath settings from your project .yarnrc.yml file to point to the new file.

A very good use case for this command is to enforce the version of Yarn used by the any single member of your team inside a same project - by doing this you ensure that you have control on Yarn upgrades and downgrades (including on your deployment servers), and get rid of most of the headaches related to someone using a slightly different version and getting a different behavior than you.