Important: This documentation covers modern versions of Yarn.
For 1.x docs, see
builder build bundlebuilder build pluginbuilder new plugin

builder build bundle

External Package

To use this command, you need to use the @yarnpkg/builder package either:

  • By installing it locally using yarn add and running it using yarn run
  • By downloading and running it in a temporary environment using yarn dlx

Build the local bundle.


$> builder build bundle


Build the local bundle :

builder build bundle

Build the local development bundle :

builder build bundle --no-minify



--profile #0

Only include plugins that are part of the the specified profile

--plugin #0

An array of plugins that should be included besides the ones specified in the profile


Don't include the git hash of the current commit in bundle version


Build a bundle for development, without optimizations (minifying, mangling, treeshaking)


Includes a source map in the bundle


This command builds the local bundle - the Yarn binary file that is installed in projects.

For more details about the build process, please consult the @yarnpkg/builder README: