Important: This documentation covers Yarn 2. For the 1.x doc, check
1 - Introduction2 - Installation3 - Usage

3 - Usage

Now that you have Yarn installed, you can start using Yarn. Here are some of the most common commands you'll need.

Migrating from Yarn 1

We've been compiling helpful advices when porting over from Yarn 1 on the following Migration Guide. Give it a look and contribute to it if you see things that aren't covered yet!

Accessing the list of commands

yarn help

Starting a new project

yarn init

Installing all the dependencies

yarn install

Adding a dependency

yarn add [package]
yarn add [package]@[version]
yarn add [package]@[tag]

Adding a dependency to different categories of dependencies

yarn add [package] --dev  # dev dependencies
yarn add [package] --peer # peer dependencies

Upgrading a dependency

yarn up [package]
yarn up [package]@[version]
yarn up [package]@[tag]

Removing a dependency

yarn remove [package]

Upgrading Yarn itself

yarn set version 2.0.0
yarn set version from sources