Important: This documentation covers modern versions of Yarn.
For 1.x docs, see
pnpify run

pnpify run

External Package

To use this command, you need to use the @yarnpkg/pnpify package either:

  • By installing it locally using yarn add and running it using yarn run
  • By downloading and running it in a temporary environment using yarn dlx

Run a command with a virtual node_modules folder.


$> pnpify run <commandName> ...


Run Angular using PnPify :

pnpify ng build



--cwd #0

The directory to run the command in


When a non-PnP-compliant project tries to access the node_modules directories (for example through readdir or readFile), PnPify intercepts those calls and converts them into calls to the PnP API. Then, based on the result, it simulates the existence of a virtual node_modules folder that the underlying tool will then consume - still unaware that the files are extracted from a virtual filesystem.

The run keyword can be omitted if the executed command doesn't conflict with built-in commands.

For more details on PnPify, please consult the dedicated page from our website: