Important: This documentation covers Yarn 2.
For 1.x docs, see
pnpify --sdkpnpify run

pnpify --sdk

Generate editor SDKs and settings.


$> pnpify --sdk ...


Generate the base SDKs :

pnpify --sdk base

Generate the base SDKs and editor settings for supported editors :

pnpify --sdk vscode vim

Update all generated SDKs and editor settings :

pnpify --sdk



--cwd #0

The directory to run the command in


Print all skipped dependencies


This command generates a new directory, .yarn/sdks, which includes the base SDKs.

When used without arguments, it:

  • throws an error on non-pnpified projects

  • updates all existing SDKs and editor settings on already-pnpified projects

The optional integrations arguments are a set of supported integrations, or the keyword base.

  • When base is used, only the base SDKs will be generated. This is useful for when an editor is not yet supported and you plan to manage the settings yourself.

  • When a set of integrations is used (e.g. vscode, vim, ...), the base SDKs will be installed plus all the settings relevant to the corresponding environments (for example on VSCode it would set typescript.tsdk).

The supported integrations at this time are: vim, vscode.

Note: This command always updates the already-installed SDKs and editor settings, no matter which arguments are passed.